Pilates and Mindfulness for Well-Being

We want to share the simple and mindful way of living

Practice and learn together with us simple and mindful ways of living in harmony through Pilates movements and Mindfulness exercises cultivating the essential values and qualities of life : gratitude, curiosity, peace, harmony, balance, stability, kindness, calm, patience in our minds and bodies first and spreading to our families and communities.
Restoring heath one mind and body at a time.

Lavinia Barbu

Anca Coman

I love to share concepts and practices that helped me for the last 15 years to bring balance and happiness in my life. Mindfulness and Pilates are two of my passions and I’m happy to share them with people around me by organizing events, workshops and retreats.

I have a wonderful family and two adolescent children and I’m very pound of the mature, responsible and playful way they see life and contribute to society.

Living in Bucharest, I like to meet with friends in the beautiful coffee and tea shops of the city and to spend time in the wonderful park near my home with my family.
I am Licensed Psychologist, Trainer and Life Coach and I work especially with people that are willing to take responsibility for their life and well-being.

You can find professional info about me on:
Linkedin: https://bit.ly/3g2v26H
Personal website https://www.ancacoman.com

Lavinia Barbu

Lavinia Barbu

I am happy to share my two passions for movement and healing with people around me. I had found courage to move on many times in life after difficult situations and to find passion and inspiration through Pilates and Mindfulness.

I’m fond of nature and restoring balance to the earth, through healing ourselves and our community and habitat. I support children in underprivileged communities and shelter animals.

I live in the NYC area and love to spend time in nature practicing various sports and hiking.
I’m a Licensed Therapist in NY / NJ state, a Life Coach and a Pilates and Yoga certified instructor. I work especially with women to restore self-esteem and confidence.

You can find professional info about me on:
Linkedin: https://bit.ly/2WIXUsP
Psychology Today https://bit.ly/3bO3Dls

About Us

We met in the summer of 2019 introduced by a common friend and discovered instantly that we have in common the passion for simplicity, living mindfully and in harmony with our mind and body, family and friends.

Because we both practice Pilates and Mindfulness in our lives, we decided to share with friends and family.

After sharing ideas and thoughts we decided to do a retreat together in Sarata Monteoru, Romania about Mindfulness and Pilates which was called Back to Harmony.

When the Covid-19 crisis emerged and people were forced to stay at home it was obvious a need to share more about mindful living and built new skills for body and mind to enhance health and adopt a positive mindset.

We decided to offer free sessions of Pilates and Mindfulness in the benefit of the community so people can practice and learn new skills for well-being.

Practice with us!

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